Just a Novice who Loves Games, Art, and 3d Modeling I'm New to Modeling but Practice makes Perfect. Also I'm Interested in Voice Acting. Also Loves 40-80's music genre's JAZZ, Blues, Rock, Fav Music GLEN MILLER, Most of Elvis's Song's (Big Fan), Metallica

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BioElderNeo's News

Posted by BioElderNeo - January 20th, 2022

hey all, I know I haven't post anything in awhile been dealing with alot of Irl as many have been, had data loss so all my recent work is gone and it bloody sucks afew good pieces just gone and heaps of sketches poof! some still remain in my brain so thats good but they Will never "be" what I draw before them.

anyway, I hope all who reads this, having a good day, I wish you all a good day.



Posted by BioElderNeo - January 28th, 2021

It's been awhile and my Art Style is Odd I like the Painted style and the Lineart Style too, it's Difficult to Determine witch one I want to Go for but, I'll Figure it out. I do have a Dead by Daylight Piece in the Works too so Look out for that in the Coming Weeks.

Posted by BioElderNeo - June 7th, 2020

I got an early B'day Present, a laptop :D

asus ROG strix i7 9th gen 8gb ram

GTX 1650 4gb

Hell yeah

Posted by BioElderNeo - March 21st, 2020

Hey there I Just Finished Palette of Sketches 3

I've also have a 3d model in the work's For TF2 Universe the SFM Animators and Sfm Posters-er's are Gonna go Creazy! for it I hope.

( The 3d Model has eaten A LOT of my time up so yeah )




Posted by BioElderNeo - November 17th, 2019

I haven't Done a pic In a while but that doesn't mean that I'm Not Drawing everyday.

I like to sit down for at least for 3-5 hours to fade off and draw my heart out!

However I get... Well not interrupted but I get asked to do Stuff but ah well.

Life is life


Working on Palette of Sketches 3 A lot of space still needs to be filled up.

Posted by BioElderNeo - May 4th, 2019

Uploaded a pico day piece early due to my access to the internet.


It's a two week interval Thing.


Posted by BioElderNeo - March 8th, 2019

Hey I finally made a Banner for my Profile page woo!

If anyone who reads this could go and look at my art, I'd appreciate feedback

on if People think I have enough drawing skill to do either "Commission work" or

"Requests" it would Help me alot to get a feel for what I can and/or should do.

thanks for reading




Posted by BioElderNeo - January 25th, 2019

Hello and Welcome to my actual First News Post of 2019.

I am getting closer to my comfortable art Level/Style? thingy, Anyway I am working on piece's and stuff,
also Testing out the Brush's I use. I'm also buying Finliner pen's to try line art on paper and see how I go.

Making a Tutorial Sheet of my 7-9 years of Constucting the human form, it's gonna be slightly dense.
The release : 2-4 Weeks

(EDIT) I've been developing a understanding of a 3d program Called "Blender" since 2016
I know most things and some things, my favourite thing to do is "Armature building", I'm
not good at Wight painting though.



Posted by BioElderNeo - November 10th, 2018

Hey All it's been awhile, the way I unfortunately do art is a mess but it's my way.
I listen to music, watch video's, play games, Read books and start an idea of
what I want to see, but my refinement process isn't that good it's a work in progress.

I Start one sketch then get it to a point where I like, then the next day I start a new one,
this repeats, again and again and so forth.

Progress is progress, I chip away at the ice until I find my Ideal Methodology.

From Sketch to Final.

Posted by BioElderNeo - November 11th, 2017

Hello there! Long time no see!

I've had an Horrific art block for the last five or six months.
Until I Managed to draw a Knight Called "Bounce Knight"

Now I can See myself drawing him, perhaps in a
Comic or just as usual, But The point is I'm starting to
draw again.

No one said an art block would be quick or easy to get
get rid of, but at least Mine is fading.  :D