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Hello there! Long time no see!

I've had an Horrific art block for the last five or six months.
Until I Managed to draw a Knight Called "Bounce Knight"

Now I can See myself drawing him, perhaps in a
Comic or just as usual, But The point is I'm starting to
draw again.

No one said an art block would be quick or easy to get
get rid of, but at least Mine is fading.  :D

Drawing in General

2017-02-26 01:17:12 by BioElderNeo

I'm starting to Feel more Confident in my Drawings, It might take a few days to get one pic done but I know that it's gonna be fairly okay in the end.

Note Too All New Artist's Never Set Your Expectations High, Start by drawing Shape's like circle's and square's and Triangle's. Simple shape's can be the best way to start a character or a dragon. I didn't start out like that but I wish I did, Learning the Basic's on the go is Time consuming.

in short "Keep it Simple"

6 years of Drawing

2017-02-10 07:39:20 by BioElderNeo

I started Drawing Because I was Pulled out of High school, I was Bullied too much. I was Planing on a one year Break and get back too School but a Ton of stuff Happend, In 2013 We lost our house due to the Flooding the Funny thing was That we Asked if the area was a Flood Zone we Were tolled "no It's not" Before we moved there.

I Started Drawing in 2011.

Upy-date Again things

2016-11-19 10:26:11 by BioElderNeo

Did some WIP's, just progress stuff Also WIPed a Self-Portrait!

Ha 6 Fans

New Fan  :  MissVirus 



Update Again

2016-10-28 02:41:46 by BioElderNeo

5 fans Whoo!!!

New Fan : WonderMeow

Anyway working on how I Colour Skin, still working on Mccree and doing Alot of Sketches.
Also working on a Self-Portrait Drawing 30% done.



2016-10-21 04:30:13 by BioElderNeo

Uni is Finished for now. In Progress of Drawing Mccree from Overwatch, I'm halfway done.




Edit : New Fan Croude  yay 4 fans!


New Post

2016-09-12 07:55:48 by BioElderNeo

I've Learned alot at Uni Granted it's Steps but I've Got a Broarder View on What I want to do.
Major Improvment in Drawing Having a Blast Drawing.

Regards BioElderNeo


Notice: I have a Fan.. My life Is Complete.   JK

ha Seriously Thanks yea Legend.  :)


Edit: I've Got Two Fans!


Edit: I've Got THREE! Fans!


Awsome. Legends.

Animation Progress

2015-12-05 09:09:16 by BioElderNeo

life gets in the Way So Animating is Slow really slow.   ]:-|

Got some new Programs for drawing and stuff. (:-D


Edit: Looking at Courses for the Self tought drawing Novice.

AKA: me



2015-09-12 02:07:31 by BioElderNeo

Hey I bought a Tablet!!! Its gonna be Great!   XD  :D


Edit: In the Process of Animation at Stage 2

Number of Drawing to do Five Thousand four hundred!!! For three min's


Edit: In the progess of animation at Stage 7


2015-09-04 05:52:02 by BioElderNeo

Gonna re-draw my profile pic.